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    Anonymous - Clairton, PA
  • "I first tried going to the Polaris place in Lynnwood but even though they had a lower price posted online, all of the additional services, shipping and extras ended up being quite a bit more. Almost $1000 more!

    I spoke with AJ over the phone and he was very pleasant and straight forward, everything you could ever want from an informational call. The price is the price and that's pretty much it. They don't charge you a bunch of extra crap, they don't play any sort of games or charge you for all sorts of extra add-on fees.

    I am extremely satisfied with my experience. I never felt any pressure, there was no hype. They never pushed me to sign on the dotted line, they just were very cool. I like the machine, I made the decision without any pressure, and I bought it.

    I wish car dealers were this way. It would make it so much better. These guys deserve a good review. I also liked Randy the owner. He is a no nonsense guy and I appreciate it.

    Last of all, the young guys in the shop are really nice, very helpful, and skilled. They offer a great advice, so give them a listen.
    S. P."

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    Anonymous - Seattle, WA
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