Off-Road Riding in Washington State

At Premier Polaris, we are often asked where you can ride in Washington State. We're proud to announce that we are a key sponsor of Northwest Portal, which has three apps (ORV NW, Snow NW, and Taste NW) and web maps that feature year-round recreational opportunities by activity.

The web maps (https://northwestportal.comare interactive and perfect for planning your next ride. Use the FILTERS (on the left) to sort by your preferred activity, i.e., ATV, UTV, motorcycle or 4x4; the trails are color-coded to indicate the type of trail (see LEGEND, on the right).  Zoom in / out and click on any point, trail or area to get additional location information.  Maps are downloadable. Here's a web map of Walker Valley ORV trails in Mt. Vernon:


Our thanks to the Washington ATV Association for information on riding areas in Washington State here.

Snowmobile Parks

Washington State also boasts about 80 Sno-Parks designed primarily for snowmobiles. These Sno-Parks are located across six regions of the state: Blewett-Interstate 90, Greenwater-Yakima, Inland Northeast-Southeast, Leavenworth-Chelan, Mount Baker-Methow, and South Cascades.

Get details on Washington State Snowmobile Sno-Parks here.